An aerial view of the Village of Woodbridge, Tasmania - located some 35Km south of Hobart on the shores of Peppermint Bay

Thanks to Phil Wood who took the above photo whilst levitating above the Village

The original Post Office was established as a receiving house in 1854, north of the village on the Channel Highway .

 By 1871 a mailman walked from Kingston to Gordon and back twice a week delivering and collecting mail.

The building burnt down in the 1897 bush fires and all that remains is a level area in the paddock (opposite Pullens Road).

The Post Office was located in the front of the residence adjacent to Mason's Store from 1909 to 1945.

The present day Post Office has been occupied since 1945.

Phone 03 6267 4630

Woodbridge Post Office General Information

Normal Opening Hours Monday to Friday 8.15 AM to 5 PM


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