The Channel Mission

In 1866 the Reverend H.D.Atkinson received his first ministry appointment at the age of 25.  Full of energy and zeal, his appointment was to conduct mission work in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel area south of Hobart.  (Church News September 1870; CN July 1921)  This included the settlement of Peppermint Bay.

These were pioneer times.  Though the settlement at  Peppermint Bay was later only  50 kilometres from Hobart by road, in those times there were no roads from Hobart to service the area.  (A gravel road from Margate to Gordon was completed in 1899.) Transport was by sail or steam boat, Woodbridge being 42 kilometres by sea.  Much of the clergyman's travel was by horse or shanks pony along bush tracks.  

Fortunately the Reverend Atkinson was not a squeamish sailor, or his ministry would have been doomed from the start!  In addition to this, his wife and family must also have been of a pioneering nature as they often travelled with him on his missionary journeys, and were then billeted by some of the settlers.   (CN April 1867) The Atkinson's eventually had six children.  The geographical extent of the Rev. Atkinson's “parish” is considerable.  It extended from Crayfish Point (Taroona), to Garden Island Creek including the settlements of Kingston; Northwest Bay; the Snug; Great and Little Oyster Coves; (Little Oyster Cove is now Kettering); Peppermint Bay; Long Bay; Three Hut Point; Garden Island Creek; North and South Bruny Islands; the Huon Islands and Port Cygnet.    (CN July 1921)

Read some more about the Channel Mission in the booklet that was launched at the 125th Celebrations by Graham Rae.


A Rector from the 1930s.

It was great to have contact from Frances Maddock, a daughter of the Reverend Mervyn Maddock who was Rector of St. Simon and St. Jude's Church from 1935 until 1938.  Frances and her sisters had some interesting memories of their time in Woodbridge and also some photos to share.

Rev H Mervyn Maddock     Margaret and Geoffrey     Margaret (centre) with the twins Frances (left) and Beatrice (right).    Francis and Beatrice - 4 yrs    Family at Woodbridge Rectory 1935    The four children

Read about their memories in the booklet we will be launching at the 125th Celebrations on November 1.


A Rector and a Poet

Did you know that one of the Rectors of St. Simon and St. Jude's Church was a well known Tasmanian poet?  Find out his name from the history booklet!

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